The area has a temperate climate typical of the Lyonnais region: mild winters, hot summers, and relatively uniform rainfall. The key feature that sets it apart is its wind regime - and this element plays an important role in the vines' existence. The AOC's slopes - mainly facing south or south-east - are relatively sheltered from the cold northerly wind (the bise) and exposed to the warm wind from the south, which often has a drying effect. This causes the grapes to ripen faster, helps protect the vines from diseases - and even, in the case of late harvesting, prompts the grapes to dehydrate and develop complex chemical compounds that affect the eventual flavours of the wine (a process called passerillage).

- Average rainfall is 700-800 mm a year.
- It rains on 80-110 days in the year.
- Average annual temperature is about 11°C.
This area is part of the "Rhône corridor" and has one of its characteristics: prevailing northerly and southerly winds.