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November- December

Pruning :  after the fall of the leaves, the trees  of viognier are pruned in  "Guyot simple", with a "baguette" with 8 buds.

phenological stage : fall of leaves, dormant buds





Fanuary - February

End of Pruning
In the  CONDRIEU vineyard, the vine is led on long poles of 1,80m, which it is necessary "ficher" every winter (verify and cut the bottom if necessary and put back in place)
Phenological stage : buds are sleeping, but if it's good weather the cut can "cry"
(The sap pours)

March - April

Bonding: the canne is folded and attached in "arcure"

Maintenance of stone walls: walls in dry stones collapsed went back up, to avoid the erosion.

Phenilogical Stage: buds are " in the cotton ", then takes place the "débourrement" (hatching of the bud)




May - June

Disbudding : Deletion of young shoots in surplus to aerate the stock
we raise the twigs of the vine and one ties on poles with the rush or the straw of rye. This operation requires two in three passage in the vineyard.
Protection of the vineyard:
observation of the foliage and the inflorescences, followed by the weather report, and if necessary intervention by reasoned phytosanitary treatment.
Maintenance of soils
to limit the competition with the grass.

Phenological Stage: hatching of leaves, visible inflorescences, blooming


July - August

End of liftings
twigs are cut above pickets with a pair of shears following the shoot;
Thinning-out of leaves:
to facilitate the aeration of the grapes, what protects diseases and increases the quality, if need, we remove leaves at the level of grapes (completely manual operation)
Thinning: in the véraison, if the wine grower estimates the excessive yield, he removes a part of the grapes what allows the remaining grapes to mature better.

Phenilogical Stage : berries of the size of a pea, they turn around and hang, then closure lock of the cluster (almost definitive size), then véraison (change of color of berries)


September - October

Follow-up of the maturation by tasting of berries, analysis of the rate of sugar and the acidity, what allows to determine the date of harvest.
Grape harvests: Harvesters arrive as additional help to cut grapes, because it must be quickly made when grapes are ripe.

Phenological Stage: ripe clusters