The  CONDRIEU vineyard is situated at the edge of the Rhône, in Regional park of Pilat, and not far from the city of Vienne, the former capital of the Gallic people of the Allobroges.
Of this fact it is very rich in discoveries and in activities, historic, architectural, sports and cultural.

In the North, you can visit the Museum and the Gallo-Roman archaeological excavations of St Romain in Gal, or stroll in the old streets of Vienne. The jazz festival of Vienne, internationally known, welcome the biggest artists in the antique theater. At the edge of the Rhône, all summer long, you can admire the jousters, who in "Givordine" or " Lyonnaise" method , show their strength and their skill. Further south, the Massif of Pilat allows a crowd of sports activities, hiking, MOUNTAIN BIKE, cross-country skiing the winter, end the kayak on the Rhône. You can also discover all the ecological wealth of these mountains.